How to Fight the Effects of Aging

How to Fight the Effects of Aging

Like any battle, the fight against aging is best fought on several fronts

Get Up and Get Moving
Exercise is they key to a healthy life if you’re eight or 80. A brisk 30 minute
walk every day can do wonders. Take friends along or get a dog for company. It helps with motivation too. Even those unable to walk can still get some exercise while stationary through repetitive movement exercises. It’s important to do what you can.

Eat Smart
The right kind of foods in the right quantities can do wonders to stave off the
aging process. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, particularly the most colorful ones, which tend to be rich in nutrients, are important. So is keeping your total fat intake down, saturated fats in particular. Read food labels and substitute saturated fat in the diet for complex carbohydrates like starch and fiber.

Busy Body, Busy Mind
Exercise keeps the body working, but a flexible mind is just as important. The
more occupied the mind stays, the more its cells are stretched, the better shape it stays in. Start tackling the daily crossword and read the rest of the newspaper while you’re at it. Take up a hobby, keep busy and give yourself things to look forward to.

It never hurts to have a little help and there are a wide variety of anti-aging
products on the market to help beat the aging process. Aging most obviously
manifests itself in outward appearance and there’s no shortage of products that tackle that problem. Anti-wrinkle creams that hydrate and tighten skin can take years off a face and are a more cost effective and safer alternative to expensive plastic surgery procedures or injections of substances like Botox.

As well as creams and lotions, there are numerous hormone supplements and pharmaceuticals available that make varying claims of slowing or even reversing the aging process. The production of the hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA for short, decline sharply in the elderly and has been popular in the marketplace for almost 10 years thanks to its reported life-extending qualities.

Other natural supplements that have been lauded include fish oil, which helps
combat heart disease, and green tea, which is said to inhibit the growth of
undesirable cells in the body.

Laugh Loud, Live Long
It’s the best medicine, it keeps you young, it’s birthed a thousand clichés, but
there’s no getting a round it – laughter feels good and that can’t be bad. Rent
a comedy, read a book of humorous fiction, share some jokes, get together
with friends and reminisce about the good old days. Whatever gets you
laughing keeps you young at heart, which is a good thing physically and
emotionally. Smiling makes you look younger, too.

Overview of Plastic Surgery

Overview of Plastic Surgery

If you are considering surgery to change your appearance, you should know about plastic surgery from both a historical and current point of view.

Overview of Plastic Surgery

As an elective surgery, plastic surgery often doesn’t get the objective coverage it should. Proponents crow about the positive effects while critics argue the opposite. Rarely does either group actually quote any undisputables about plastic surgery. Well, we do in this article.

Plastic surgery has a long history. Susrutha, an Indian surgeon, is the first known plastic surgeon, providing nose reconstruction services in the 8th century BC. The Romans were known to perform plastic surgery procedures to alter the appearance of ears. John P. Mettauer is generally agreed to be the first plastic surgeon in the United States, practicing in the 1820s. Plastikos is the base word for plastic surgery, meaning to mold something in Greek.

In more modern times, plastic surgery has come on strong as a method for changing appearances. The most common procedures with most popular first are liposuction, breast surgery, nose reshaping, eyelid lifts, tummy tucks and facelifts. In the last ten years, the number of plastic surgery procedures has quadrupled as the specialty has gained greater acceptance and publicity on television shows.

When one thinks about plastic surgery, most assume it is women having their appearances modified. In general, this is true. Roughly 80 percent of all plastic surgery patients are women, but the demographic is starting to change. While 20 percent of patients are now men, the figure is growing. Like women, men seek liposuction, nose reshaping, tummy tucks, and lifts. No, they don’t go in for breast enlargements, although breast reductions are growing in popularity.

Somewhat controversial, teenagers are getting plastic surgery in growing numbers. Individuals under 18 most often focus on procedures related to the skin, with skin peels and microdermabrasion procedures accounting for more than half of all procedures.

Historically, plastic surgery was a relatively uncommon procedure. As this overview reveals, media exposure and lower prices mean that is simply no longer the case.

Recovery After Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Procedures

Recovery After Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Procedures

One of the most important concerns of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles men and women who are considering plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation is the extent of recovery time after cosmetic surgery. With our hectic lives, busy work schedule, and never ending family responsibilities, men and women want to know:
1. When can they go back to work?
2. When can they go back to the Gym?
3. How soon can they care for their small children?
4. How bad is the pain from surgery?
5. When can they drive?
6. How soon can they travel?
7. How soon can they have sex?
8. How soon can they wear certain types of cloths?
The answer to these important questions about plastic surgery recovery depends on the type of surgery, the involved body parts, multiplicity of the procedures, family support structure, and the extent of work or home responsibilities.
In the following section, Dr. Younai describes the approximate recovery course and restrictions for a variety of plastic surgery procedures, for patients in southern California, including those from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.
Recovery after liposuction: Tumescent, laser, ultrasonic.
Liposuction is a relatively easy procedure to recover from, mainly because there are no large incisions, and the surgery is superficial. Liposuction can be performed on the neck/face, arms, chest, breasts, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. The pain and recovery time of liposuction is similar to that of a bad muscle bruise sustained during a motor vehicle accident. Most patients take a week or less of recovery before returning to work after liposuction. There are no restrictions with respect to exercise and you may return to your exercise routine as you feel comfortable. Likewise, there are no restrictions with lifting, pushing, pulling or taking care of young children; although, most people can not do strenuous house work for about 4 days. Most patients are able to drive within a week; however this also depends on the areas of liposuction. For example, it is harder to steer if you had liposuction of the arms. When it comes to sex there is no restrictions as long a you are comfortable!
Especially in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, most patients are eager to know when they can wear that especial outfit for that special party or event. After liposuction you will be wearing a girdle for about six weeks. Despite this, most of your regular cloths should fit comfortably over it. After the first three weeks, if you are planning to wear revealing cloths or dresses, you don’t have to wear your girdle during that time. Finally, there are no travel restrictions.
Recovery after Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Body Lift, or Belt Lipectomy,
Tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, or body lift, involves removing the hanging abdominal skin fold, along with tightening the abdominal muscles. The pain and recover of a tummy tuck is similar to that of a c-section or hysterectomy. Most women in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills take about two weeks for recovery before returning to work. Because of tightening of the abdominal muscles patients can not do any heavy lifting or straining at home, work, or the Gym for about eight weeks. You can do power walking or bicycling in 2-3 weeks. You can also have sex in 2-3 weeks as long as you don’t strain your abdominal muscles for 6-8 weeks. Most cloths or pants will be somewhat tight around the waist for about 4-6 weeks due to the normal post-operative swelling. There are no travel restrictions as long as you don’t use a public pool or Jacuzzi for three weeks.
Recovery after Breast Augmentation with implants
Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Breast enlargement involves insertion of a Saline or Silicone Breast Implant under the Pectoralis chest muscle. The pain associated with breast augmentation is due to the stretching of the Pectoralis muscle by the underlying breast implant. Most women describe heavy pressure over their chests. Because of this moving the arms, especially above the shoulders is uncomfortable for two weeks. Most women take off one week from work after breast augmentation. You can do lower body exercises in one week and should refrain from lifting heavy objects for the first 2-3 weeks. Likewise, I don’t recommend driving for one week. You may have sex at any time as long that your breasts don’t get manipulated for the first 5 weeks. There are no travel restrictions as long as you don’t get your breasts wet in a public pool or a Jacuzzi for 4 weeks.
Usually, augmentopexy, or breast lift plus augmentation, is more painful than just breast augmentation, and the recover is the same.
During your consultation, Dr. Younai will review your treatment options for plastic surgery procedures, including the pros and cons of each technique, potential risks and complications, recovery course, pre- and post-operative instructions, and esthetic outcomes. There are also many before and after pictures and high resolution images of these procedures available in our photo gallery ( )

Top 10 Trends Plastic Surgery:

Top 10 Trends Plastic Surgery:

While numerous studies have been done on plastic surgery trends and future outlook, following are my forecast

1. Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients : With increase in gastric bypass surgeries, liposuction surgery may become quite mainstream and a standard post op measure.

2. While Rhinoplasty is still the number one face surgery option, chin implants are fast catching up, especially for men.

3. With time, more and more obese baby boomers will have to take recourse to plastic surgery. Los Angeles plastic surgery trends show a large number of baby boomers seeking the services.

4. More injectables – continuing an exciting trend which began with Botox.
Desire to remain young forever as strong as ever, more so in markets like New York and Los Angeles cosmetic surgery will be in vogue for a long time.

5. Lap Band is becoming a popular surgery option. Other variations include Gastric Band or Realize Band.

6. Los Angeles Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck Los Angeles are still the most popular plastic surgery related searches.

7. The stigma of plastic surgery is now almost nonexistent : Conservative societies like Asians and Hispanics are joining Caucasians and African Americans in embracing plastic surgery.

8. With huge increase in Medical Insurance costs, the fact that Plastic Surgery is not covered by insurance and has to be paid upfront (or via financing) is actually being welcomed by several consumers.

9. With all the hoopla about stem cell research, maybe harvesting cells from liposuction fat can be an option.

10. As all good things inevitably, it is a matter of time when politicians will start taxing elective cosmetic surgery a lot, and then we will have offshore plastic surgery outsourcing.

Till then, happy cosmetic surgery folks..

Why Use A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon?

Why Use A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon?

Beverly Hills is Mecca of all people looking for plastic surgeons, though not many of prospect patients really know why. “Beverly Hills” and “plastic surgeon” are two phrases that are almost inseparable now. Thanks to Extreme Makeover™ and Dr. 90210 TV shows every Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is by definition a good one. And, unlike many other TV-created myths, this one is generally true.
The best specialists are practicing in Beverly Hills.
Almost every plastic surgeon has tried to establish the business there. As the result competition increased and those worse or unable to keep up with competitors were forced to leave. Almost every Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with over three years of practice there is worth their money. Almost every kind of plastic surgery is performed there, and there is virtually no chance of falling into hands of some half-learned doctors who will train their skills on your body. All plastic surgeons from Beverly Hills are top professionals in their industry and there is almost no risk of any complications resulting from the lack of necessary skills.
Looking for Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for you.
Not every Beverly Hills plastic surgeon specializes in film stars. Every year more and more everyday people find there some help in enhancing their personal beauty. The surgeries are becoming more and more popular, easier, quicker and less painful. At the moment you read it, there are tens of people in plastic surgery clinics and hundreds of people who are recovering now after the cosmetic surgeries. Beauty has become one of the mass-produced goods and there is nothing to be afraid of anymore.
Where’s the catch?
The catch is still in the surgery price. Beverly Hills is an expensive place and every Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has to send you high bills just to have enough money to rent the house. Unfortunately the top quality means top prices and there is almost no chance that it will change soon. It seems that if you want to avoid risk, you just have to pay them. But don’t hesitate – they are surely worth your money.

Cosmetic Surgery – Will It Really Change Your Life?

Cosmetic Surgery – Will It Really Change Your Life?

Thanks to recent advances in surgical techniques and equipment, cosmetic surgery is more specialized than ever. You can literally have the fat sucked out of your thighs through liposuction or your breasts enlarged to your idea of perfection with saline or silicone implants within just a few hours.

And cosmetic surgery isn’t just a predominately female deal any longer. Men are having all sorts of cosmetic surgical procedures done these days. Everything from nose jobs (rhinoplasty) to face lifts to eye lifts are fair game in the male arena these days.

The technological advances that have made cosmetic surgery easier and less expensive, not to mention a great deal less painful than in the past, do not account for the meteoric rise in the number of people having plastic surgery, nor for the fact that it has now become common for both genders.

This rise is, in fact, more due to the fact that in American culture there are few things more highly prized than a person’s looks. Studies have been done that prove the more attractive a person is the more likely they’ll get a job, regardless of how much more skill and experience other people applying for the same job may have.

Images of perfect men and women on television, in print ads, movies, music videos and everywhere else have made people in our culture believe that if they just look a certain way, then everything else in their lives will be fine, even great.

And with famous celebrities touting their cosmetic surgery in front of us daily on television and in movies, it’s easy for anyone to believe that if we just looked better, our lives would be perfect.

Now the reality is that a nose job changes just that: the nose. It does nothing to lift a burden of debt or exchange a lackluster love life for the romantic adventure of a lifetime.

Yes, having cosmetic surgical procedures done can give someone a quick boost to their self-esteem, but it won’t last as long as the nose job will unless they do some serious positive thinking and inner work along with it. Confidence and self-esteem come from the inside, and changing the outside will only bring temporary relief for those who suffer from deep feelings of inferiority.

So before rushing out to the nearest cosmetic surgeon, anyone considering cosmetic surgery should take a good look at their inside first! If having a cosmetic surgical procedure done will add to their life, great. It’s probably a good idea and will enhance their self-esteem and bring them pleasure.

But. If a person thinks that any cosmetic surgery procedure will change their life and make their life perfect (or make them instantly successful and eliminate all their problems), they are in for a rude awakening, I’m sorry to say. Unless the necessary inner work is done to match the outer work, a person can actually become even more insecure than before which often leads to deep depression.

Why? Because they’ll ultimately be disappointed over the fact they’re still pretty much stuck with their same old self. The person in the mirror may look better, but if they haven’t taken stock and gotten rid of negative thinking about themselves, they won’t really feel better—they’ll just have a perfect sexy cleft in their chins or bigger boobs that they didn’t have before.

Cosmetic surgery is not something to undertake lightly or to be used as a method for changing your life, but when done to enhance your life and give you a feeling of satisfaction and/or pleasure, then by all means, find a properly licensed cosmetic surgeon.

Ask for their advice and counsel, as well as their credentials and experience in whatever procedure you want to have done. If the fit between your desires and the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise is right, by all means, have your cosmetic surgery and enjoy—just don’t expect it to change your life!

Cosmetic Surgery on the rise in Celebrity City?

Cosmetic Surgery on the rise in Celebrity City?

Whether it is the aging populace, or the ever increasing obesity in American Main Street, Los Angeles Plastic Surgery is becoming popular by the day. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), liposuction or los angeles tummy tuck customers are clamouring for a sleek and sharp look this new year.

There are many reasons for a potential increase in plastic surgery popularity.

1. With improvement in science and technology, at least in Los Angeles plastic surgery has become common place and low risk. Many women are getting rid of their cellulite and extra fat through liposuction, tummy tuck and butt lifts.

2. Costs have come down with increased competition low cost Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeons have increased in number.

3. Los Angeles Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty has become household names as named celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been rumored to have considered this procedure.

4. Independent women have never been so self confident. They want to squeeze out life, by having children and family while also retaining their sleek look. They want to regain their premarital figure after multiple childbirths. No better way than a Mommy Makeover (aka Plastic Surgery)

5. Gastric Bypass Surgery is becoming commonplace and it aftermath is sagging skin. Liposuction is a great way of stretching it like new again.

So is the future bright for Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons?

Only Time will tell. For now, it sure looks like it.

How Can I Benefit From Plastic Surgery?

How Can I Benefit From Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is now experiencing unprecedented
popularity as technological advancements improve the
outcome for the variety of procedures that this
surgery is known for.

This has led to excellent results and reduced side
effects and complications all leading to a heightened
degree of customer satisfaction.

Now more than ever, people are feeling the benefits
from being able to improve their image through the
tool of plastic surgery.

Whether a person chooses to have plastic surgery on
their hips, thighs, breasts or face the aim of plastic
surgery is to sculpt the body in such a way that it
looks completely natural. Therefore, the physical as
well as the external benefits of plastic surgery are

The very first benefit that people will notice after
they have undergone plastic surgery is that now their
bodies seem to be more proportional. Many times a nose
may appear to be too big for a person’s face or ears
may stick out from a person’s body. All of this makes
a person feel disproportionate and can lead to
feelings of lack of self-worth.

Aging and long periods of exposure to the sun has its
effect on both men and women. This makes them seem
older than they really are. Plastic surgery can do
things such as face lifts, dermabrasion, facial
implants, Botox injections and chemical peels to
restore a youthful appearance as well as replenish
lost vitality.

The direct benefit of plastic surgery is external but
it will give a person newfound confidence, self-esteem
and assurance.

Plastic Surgery – A viable option for Baby Boomers

Plastic Surgery – A viable option for Baby Boomers

A lot have been written about this decade being that of the baby boomers and their penchant for looking trim and fit. Plastic surgery options like tummy tuck and liposuction have never been so popular. Seniors, take note that Los Angeles tummy tuck expert has mentioned that liposuction and tummy tuck can work great for baby boomers. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr.Younai specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures especially tummy tuck, liposuction and brachiaplasty. His experience, empathy and sense of balance have helped many patients regain their sense of self worth and renewed their confidence.

Men and women tend to store fat in different areas. Men often put extra weight around their love handles and abdomen while women tend to gain it around their thighs and hips. While exercise and dieting reduce total body fat they cannot induce spot fat reduction. For example, push-ups do not reduce the fat around the abdomen but help to reduce the total body fat. Considering this, liposuction provides an avenue for selectively removing fat and therefore sculpting the body in ways not possible by other means. Can a person regain fat in areas that were liposuctioned? Most likely no. This is because fat only gets deposited into fat cells. Because liposuction removes fat cells from the areas that are suctioned, new fat will be deposited in other areas of the body. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, addresses this problem by not only removing excess skin and fat, but also by tightening the abdominal muscles, therefore, reestablishing the integrity of the abdominal wall.

A typical tummy tuck or liposuction at los angeles can cost a fair bit, but how much is your self confidence worth? I think it is priceless!

A number of financing options are available in most plastic surgery centers, including at California Center for Plastic Surgery.

Liposuction: Sucking Money Out of Your Bank Account

Liposuction: Sucking Money Out of Your Bank Account

Statistics show the stress of life and poor food choices are leading to ballooning weights. Liposuction is a popular method of reducing weight, but it will also reduce your bank account.

Liposuction: Sucking Money Out of Your Bank Account

A big consideration for many people who are looking to undergo plastic surgery is the expense. All procedures that fall under this type of surgery are usually not covered by health insurance. When deciding to have plastic surgery, you’ll need to know how much you will be spending. The expense of liposuction is especially important, as it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Liposuction is a procedure used to remove unwanted fat from areas of the body that cannot be treated by other means. The fat is vacuumed out through a small tube called a cannula, which is worked through a tiny incision in your skin. One of the first considerations in the expense of liposuction surgery is the area you are going to have worked on. Depending on the size of the area and the amount of fatty material needing to be removed, the price will vary. Most of the time, the more removal required, the higher the price of the liposuction. This is usually because it takes more time.

The expense of liposuction will also be different depending on the number of areas you want to have addressed. The first area in a liposuction procedure will often be the most expensive, with additional areas being less expensive because you have already paid for the facility, instrument, doctor and other fees.

Also to be factored into the expense is where the liposuction surgery will be performed. If you need to have your procedure done in a hospital versus in the plastic surgery office, there will be additional fees for the use of the hospital facility, and recovery rooms for the duration of your hospital stay. The expense of liposuction will also depend on what part of the country you are in. Some doctors in bigger cities or more popular plastic surgery areas will charge more money than surgeons in other locations. Frankly, it is because they can get it.

Finally, you want to find out what is included in the fee. Many doctors offer a “flat fee” that covers the procedure as well as pre-operative appointments and post-operative checkups. Other doctors will bill these items separately, so when pricing procedures, be sure to keep this in mind. One doctor may seem more expensive than the other, but if everything is included, it might actually even out.

In general, the expense of liposuction should run from $2,000 to $7,000. These figures, however, can vary wildly depending on what exactly is to be done and the part of the country you are in.